Welcome to TheOven.me. 

TheOven.me is a social media platform that was started in lew of censorship that has been taking place on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The time we live in now is so digital that the main places we seem to express ourselves are also digital. Freedom of expression and speech is important to be able to just express.

When we lose those what do we have? In this world The Oven is the place where all freedom of expression and speech remains intact. 

Started in 2018, TheOven.me strives to fight against ACTA2.

Controlling the information you can post and you can find. The copyright subject is just a way to finance the building of the censorship infrastructure and push the legislation in the European Parliament – to fool the MEP’s. This directive gives precedence for censoring (or filtering, dining access, etc) information in the European internet. Today it’s the copyrights. Tomorrow it will be political correctness, radicalism and in the end, every other point of view.


also known as the #linktax is an effort of corporate lobbing. It gives extra copyrights to press, requiring a license from the publisher for anyone who would like to use even the shortest fragment from a press relies or an article – this also refers to link snippets (the title, description and picture in a link). In effect Article 11 will kill all independent media and online polemic.


also known as the #uploadfilters dumps the responsibility for posts & comments from the authors to the owners of the websites. It offers a tool to help the owners of website to filter the content – a filtering IT infrastructure that all website will need to connect to. This filter will censor all content which will consider that violate copyrights before the post or comment will go public.

As you can see the temptation is great. The infrastructure once it’s operative can be used to filter and block any kind of content the powers controlling it choose and there will be no going back from this.

Today’s copyright laws aren’t great. Yeas they need a change. But a change for the better. Not the worse of the entire European population.